Our Mission

At Naturally Wild Holistic Health we are committed to bringing you back to wellness holistically. We believe the body is capable of healing itself, when mind, body and spirit are working harmoniously. Massage therapy, reiki and the healing power of plants are great ways to help achieve this balance. We believe the power of human touch, positive energy, connection with nature and community are paramount in our ever growing digital world; at Naturally Wild Holistic Health, we are looking to bring this connection back. 

Some of the ways Naturally Wild is committed to this, is by providing natural healing modalities, offering repurposed, sustainable and natural items in our store front. Also supporting local artists and businesses is something we are passionate about, as well as giving back to the community and environment! 

We strive to be as waste free as possible. With online scheduling, paperless filing, and emailing receipts when possible. Tags for our store front products, as well as our business cards are homemade  from junk mail and any recycled paper we can get our hands on! And the best part is, they can be planted to grow beautiful Wild flowers to help keep our bees and butterflies happy! 


To plant your Naturally Wild business card, wet the card and place it in soil either outside in the ground, or in a pot.

Plant slightly under the soil as you would any seed, dampen the soil with water and let the beautiful sun do its work!

Don't allow soil to dry out. And watch as your beautiful flowers grow. Thanks for helping the bees and butterflies! 


Get in touch!


310 Muskoka Road South

Gravenhurst, ON

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Call or Text:

Stacy Jantzi, RMT: 705-205-9411

Leighann Wild, RMT: 705-205-3995


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