Reiki is an energetic healing modality that originated in Japan. It can be a wonderful way of clearing out what is no longer serving you, soothing your nervous system, surrendering and releasing fear and uncertainties, and supporting your body, mind and spirit.

After a Reiki treatment, you  may have an overall sensation of feeling "lighter." Some feel a deep sensation of peace and relaxation, along with a feeling of clarity to some questions you have been indecisive about in your life. It is perfectly normal to feel a little emotional or drained after a treatment. Remembering that it is a process, and to be gentle with yourself. 

Hands on Reiki is within the RMT's scope of practice, however Level 2 Reiki distance healing is not and will not be provided at Naturally Wild.  Reiki sessions are generally 60 minutes as stand alone treatments, or can be added to any length of massage therapy treatment.

Reiki prices:

With Leighann or Stacy

1 hour treatment - $95

RMT receipt provided

With Serene

1 hour treatment- $85

Serene is called to energetic healing in relation to the womb and reproductive health and dis-ease. Fertility, suspected and diagnosed reproductive conditions, fourth trimester recovery, losses, and perimenopause.

She invites all who feel called to connect with her.